What is Spark Redeem App and why you need it?

Our Business Partners post their offers in our App, You can avail it as redeem points and can make use of it in your purchases in your area.

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We make your spending useful.

Spark Redeem App is insanely flexible and amazingly easy to use. This app makes your life easier.

  • Become a Member

    Download Spark Redeem app and become a member for Free

  • Collect your Points

    Earn your points on each purchase with our business partners

  • Redeem your Points

    Redeem your collected points on purchase with our business partners

More Features

  • Free Registration

    Get started by simply downloading and registering with us

  • Offer Notificaiton

    Get notified on offers near you from our business partners

  • Collect Points

    Collect you points on every purchases from any of our business partners

  • Easy Redeem

    Use your Spark Redeem points on your purchases at any of our business partners

  • Earn by REFERRAL

    Not only on Purchase but also earn points by referring your friends

We save your time and money

Also people love our app for these wonderful and efficient features which give the user a complete freedom.

  • Flexibility you need

    You can earn points from different business partners (eg, Food, Dress, Groceries) and can redeem it with different partners.

  • Save Money

    By helping you know the best offers in your area, we help you save your precious money .


Download our App now and become a Spark redeem member for free

Refer a friend and get 20 reward points free.

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